Asenath Waite

“About this time Edward brought the girl to call on me, and I at once saw that his interest was by no means one-sided. She eyed him continually with an almost predatory air, and I perceived that their intimacy was beyond untangling.” H.P. Lovecraft, ‘The Thing on the Doorstep’

One of the biggest challenges in writing Arkham Sanitarium was expanding on Lovecraft’s writing whilst remaining faithful to the story and characters. The passage above is the only time it’s mentioned in ‘The Thing on the Doorstep’ that Daniel Upton actually meets with Asenath – and the only point where we can explore her character at any length.

This scene existed in my head – in one form or another – long before I thought of making Arkham Sanitarium – before even I thought of adapting ‘The Thing on the Doorstep’. Reading the story I imagined to myself what that meeting was like – Asenath is a complex and duplicitous character – meeting Edward Derby’s friends – in particular, his closest friend is completely beneath her – but in order to endear Edward to her, she reluctantly agrees to it.

As Lovecraft’s only notable female character, it was important we get Asenath just right – I’m thrilled with the performance we got from the very talented Lexi Wolfe and we hope you enjoy watching her bring Asenath to life as much as we have – Andrew.

Scene from ‘The Thing on the Doorstep’ featuring Paul Maclaine as Daniel Upton, Lexi Wolfe as Asenath Waite and Edward Lewis French as Edward Pickman Derby.

~ by Survivor Films on May 29, 2012.

8 Responses to “Asenath Waite”

  1. Is this movie getting close to completion?

    • Hi Shawn! Good to hear from you!

      Things have been on a slow burn for a while now – issues in my personal life and having to pay the bills have slowed things down a lot but we’re picking up speed again now – in fact we’ve now got a professional editor on board to take care of that side of things which frees up some of my (limited) time. Our current goal is to get Arkham finished by the end of 2012 – it’s doable but we’re gonna need a little luck along the way.

      Good job I’m feeling lucky 🙂

      More news coming soon – watch this space!

  2. Only recently found this through an old “Lovecraft” search on indiegogo. I’m excited for completion though! It’s always exciting to find lots of people who are into Lovecraft, I sometimes forget how many people are on the planet and how much that means that somebody somewhere likes something just as much as me, if not more.

    Anyhow, good luck on the rest of the film, I hope things go smoothly and you continue to have fun!

  3. In the book she have brown skin, why to change that? really, her origins are important, the color of her skin in important, this change a piece of the author´s idea… ¬¬ how ever, Edward is awesome, just how i imagined and the project look really good, i wish you all the best and luck with this, i wait to see the final result.

    • Hi there DrakerKOS,

      I read the book shortly after being given the part and when I read it, I didn’t think ‘Oh, they’ve miss-cast me cuz I’m too pale’ – I think that in the time that Lovecraft was writing, ‘dark’ was observant of the hair, the eyes of the character etc., otherwise he would have specified a little further if Asenath needed to be of a particular heritage. I simply hope I did the character some justice, as it was real fun to play her and I trust that Andrew was happy with my portrayal.

      Lexi Wolfe

  4. I agree. I never had an impression of Asenath as dark-skinned. I had always associated the ‘dark’ with her eyes… as have many artists, who also gave her pale skin. I think Lexi as Asenath is inspired castings.

  5. I agree. When I first read the story I associated the ‘dark’ with her eyes – and I imagined her skin as pale; so have many artists over the years. Lexi as Asenath is inspired casting.

  6. I think Lexi as Asenath Waite was inspired casting.

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