Change of domain name…

Unfortunately survivorfilms dot com was nabbed by squatters when the domain expired – will be moving to soon.

~ by Survivor Films on May 5, 2015.

2 Responses to “Change of domain name…”

  1. Is ARKHAM SANITARIUM dead? Haven’t seen any updates on it in years.

    • You of all people should know “that is not dead which can eternal lie” 🙂

      Arkham’s been suffering due to my own ill-health and a crippling lack of funds to finish it but it has been progressing – we’ve had a very talented editor (Jo) putting The Thing on the Doorstep together for us and I’ve been working on the edit and the grading for The Haunter of the Dark – it’s my intent to have something ready for screening by the end of the year – it won’t be the finished film but we may release either ToTD or HotD as a 30 min short to drum up some support for a Kickstarter campaign.

      More news when I have it!

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