More stills! The Shunned House…

•June 4, 2011 • 2 Comments

Our scheduled four weeks of filming is nearly at an end! Just one more day to go then we’ll be reviewing the footage shot for Arkham Sanitarium and planning any reshoots before starting the editing and post-production. As always, many thanks to our talented cast and crew without whom this movie simply would not be possible!

More pics to come after we’ve finished filming tomorrow but in the meantime, here’s Tom Stanley as Phillip Whipple and Adam Thomas Wright as Young Phillip in ‘The Shunned House’.

New stills from Arkham Sanitarium!

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We’re three weeks into filming with one week remaining – here we have Ephraim Waite (Bruce Gibbons), Phillip Whipple (Tom Stanley), Elihu Whipple (Allan McKenna), Doctor West (Anthony Clegg) and Alice Crow (Zoe Simpson). Many thanks to our wonderful cast and crew for the incredible work they’ve been doing – we couldn’t do this without you!

More stills! The Haunter of the Dark…

•May 22, 2011 • 3 Comments

Dan McSherry as Robert Harrison Blake

First production stills!

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Filming began on Arkham Sanitarium on Friday 13th of May! Here’s our first production stills of Daniel Upton (Paul Maclaine), Edward Pickman Derby (Edward Lewis French), Asenath Waite (Lexi Wolfe) and Doctor West (Anthony Clegg) from ‘The Thing on the Doorstep’.

Meet the cast – part 2

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Photos from the script read-through

From left to right: Paul Maclaine (Daniel Upton), Edward Lewis French (Edward Derby), Lexi Wolfe (Asenath Waite), Dan McSherry (Robert Blake), Colin Appleby (Ambrose Dexter), Allan McKenna (Elihu Whipple), Tom Stanley (Phillip Whipple)

Random props…

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Just a few of the random things we’ve acquired for the film…

Arkham Sanitarium script review at

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Dejan Ognjanovic has had a sneak peek at the Arkham Sanitarium script – what did he think? Check out his review over at Twitch!