Robert Harrison Blake

Hi there Survivors!

I’ve been absent for a while working on the VFX for the film and also putting together some actor showreel footage which I thought I’d share with you – below you can see a number of Dan McSherry’s (Robert Harrison Blake) scenes from the movie:

It’s not finished footage but hopefully you’ll agree it has a suitably Lovecraftian feel…

(Oh, and I know the lip-sync drifts a little at the end – that’s an MP4 thing I’m trying to fix…)

~ by Survivor Films on August 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “Robert Harrison Blake”

  1. This looks spectacular! Well done, all!

  2. Hi Andrew – is there a way I could get a copy of my scene, a snippet of which you use at the top of this showreel? My email has changed, so don’t know if you have been contacting me? Jilly

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