More stills! The Shunned House…

Our scheduled four weeks of filming is nearly at an end! Just one more day to go then we’ll be reviewing the footage shot for Arkham Sanitarium and planning any reshoots before starting the editing and post-production. As always, many thanks to our talented cast and crew without whom this movie simply would not be possible!

More pics to come after we’ve finished filming tomorrow but in the meantime, here’s Tom Stanley as Phillip Whipple and Adam Thomas Wright as Young Phillip in ‘The Shunned House’.

~ by Survivor Films on June 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “More stills! The Shunned House…”

  1. That center photo is SO Lovecraft it ain’t even funny. My favorite shot of all of them so far.

  2. The photos rearranged themselves after I commented. The orange-sun-haze shot is the one I’m referring to, it’s now on the far left.

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